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January 2008
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Four O’clock / Mirabilis multiflora

Named for its habit of blooming after 4:00 PM, Four O’Clocks grow and flower almost anywhere in the U.S., and thrive in conditions where some flowers would languish, including hot, windy areas. Mirabilis is from Latin meaning “marvelous” or “wonderful,” a reference to the beauty of this plant. Multiflora means “many-flowered” in reference to the […]

Information about Dogwood

The Dogwoods comprise a group of 30-50 species of deciduous woody plants (shrubs and trees) in the family Cornaceae, divided into one to nine genera or subgenera (depending on botanical interpretation). The flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) is generally described as a Perennial Tree or Shrub. This Dicot (dicotyledon) is native to the U.S. and has […]

Pink Azalea / Rhododendron periclymenoides

This much-branched shrub is especially showy in flower. It is relatively tolerant of dry sites and can be transplanted into wild shrub gardens. The species name, Latin for “naked-flowered,” refers to the fact that the flowers often appear before its leaves are fully expanded. The Pink Ruffle Azalea is a Rutherford hybrid, these are evergreen […]

Baby’s breath / Gypsophila

Gypsophila (Baby’s-breath; Gypsophila) is a genus of about 100 species of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae, native to Europe, Asia and north Africa. Many species are found on calcium-rich soils, including gypsum, whence the name of the genus. Some species are also sometimes called “baby’s breath” or simply, “Gyp”, among the floral industry. Its […]