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December 2007
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Melting snow without harming plants

Q: Is there something out there that will melt snow that won’t harm my plants or my dog? I know there are “pet safe” stuff out there, but I don’t know what it is in it! Which means to me, not good. I’d like a non-chemical method to use. We do shovel, but since our […]

Tip: Winter Care for Butterfly Bushes

Winter Care for Butterfly Bushes Question: We put in some butterfly bushes this year and want to know if we should trim them back for the winter. Is there anything else we should do to them?

Answer: In regions where they are marginally hardy, butterfly bushes (Buddleia) can be winterkilled quite badly, some years even […]

Tips: Grow some plugs indoors

QUESTIONS: I want to grow my own plugs indoors. I had a greenhouse a while back but don’t have it any longer and I’d like to grow some plugs indoors.

Ans 1: For many years now, I started nearly all my garden plants indoors. I used a 2’x4′ metal shelf system with wooden (wood chip […]

Plant: Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantina – synonym Stachys olympica)

It is native to Northern Turkey, the Southern Caucasus Mountain region and Southern Iran where it grows on rocky hills and scrub areas. In other words, it is a weed. Which is exactly the quality it makes apparent in a rational planned garden. Like many weeds we adopt, it does its own thing. Latin name: […]