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October 2007
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Tip: Little black gnats on plants

Question: There are little black gnats flying around my house, and I’ve tracked them back to my houseplants. How can I control these annoying creatures, and are they harming my plants?

Answer: The little black insects are most likely fungus gnats. They breed in overly damp soil, where both the larvae and adults feed on […]

Info: Armoracia rusticana ‘Variegata’

Common name of this plant is ‘variegated horseradish’. It needs the full sun and for its soil, it likes rich soil, not too dry. Horseradish is a hardy perennial herb. Spreading with determination every year if left to its own devices, this herb reaches a height of one metre. The roots can grow to a […]

Tip: How to plant on 5 gal bucket

First you need a bucket or a deep planting pot (A bucket is good because it has a handle). Then drill a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage, Now for potatoes you fill the 1st 4 or 5 inches with compost and then plant a couple of the eyes of the potatoe. Now […]

Don’t Eat This Sweet Potato

So, when is a sweet potato not a yam? When it’s an Ipomoea batatas, that’s when. The beautiful vines produced by Ipomoea batatas–aka sweet potato vine–have long been enjoyed by gardeners as a heat-loving, trailing tropical plant especially suited for hanging basket culture. Sweet potato vine also now comes in several different foliage colors, from […]